"Hey, Henry, Henry, hurry up, will ya? My mother's gonna make some fried peppers and sausage for us." - Tommy DeVito, Goodfellas, 1990

Our Story

Goodfella's Beef is a small family owned business near downtown Huntley, IL that has been around for at least 25 years. Through the years, it has gone through multiple changes in owners, but despite who was behind the counter, Goodfella's has always aspired to live up to its motto, "Good Food, Good Value, Goodfella's". 

Whether it is your first time in the store or your fiftieth, it is our goal for you to always be served up a fresh cooked meal made to order with a smile. Because that is what we think good dining should be!

Recently, Goodfella's has been going through a lot of changes in order to make our customer experience what it should be. In the upcoming year of 2020, the restaurant will be expanding into the former Fluffy Donut space to allow for faster service, an extended menu and more seating for our loyal customers. Following that, we anticipate installing five gaming machines and adding a  selection of beer, wine and other beverages to accompany that food you love so well. Look out for desserts too, as they are on their way! 

We hope you enjoy your stay at Goodfella's, thank you for supporting our long time local business!